Saturday, March 26, 2016

ONE OPPOSITION explained in video

Click here to watch the MNLF LECTURE #21 ONE OPPOSITION Explained in Youtube video.

That's my job as consolidator, and making this short video is one step. Lahat tayo sa opposition, share lang natin ang video na eto at viral proportion. We put individual reasons aside, we consolidate as one opposition, because our objective is to defeat the Aquinos.

QUESTION: Paano yung ibang BDP na mahirap kumbinsihin na maki-isa sa OneOpposition?

ANSWER: Ang iConsolidate natin ay yung opposition-minded lang. Yung mga fanatic na individualistic na hindi naman opposition o walang idea (dahil sa kabobohan) kung ano ang opposition, hayaan nyo yan sila kasi mga KKK (kamaganak, kakilala, kaibigan) yan sila or nandyan talaga yan sila kay BinayDutertePoe to reinforce the campaign of the splitters. In the end nitong campaign natin for OneOpposition, talagang may matira pa rin konti kay BinayDutertePoe unless mag withdraw ang kandidato. By the way, aside from recovering the opposition votes from BinayDutertePoe, huwag nyong kaligtaan na ipagpatuloy ang pag post ng MGA criticisms laban sa mga Aquino -- criticise with same issues repeatedly -- walang criticism na naluluma.

QUESTION: Meron bang MNLF member na supporter ni BinayDutertePoe (BDP)?

ANSWER: Yes meron, and the number represents our target workload in the consolidation for the OneOpposition. Meron nga BBM campaigner na supporter ng BDP. Individualistic KKK is very real. The challenge of OneOpposition is to elevate all oppositions to put aside the individualism, and level up their priority for the common goal of the OneOpposition, which is to defeat the AquinoAdministration. Individualism is best applied AFTER the OneOpposition wins, but never before we win. As opposition, we must do a collusive behavior, work together as one to win the pie. We cannot talk about eating our individualistic slices of the pie before the whole pie becomes ours. We get the pie first, together as one, then we partake from it after we succeed in getting it.

QUESTION: How about the OFWs?

ANSWER: Ang splitter ni PNOyAdmin para ma carve out ang OFW and Contract Workers ay si Seneres, but he died before the campaign starts.

INSTRUCTION. Huwag kayong magsayang ng stress at oras sa pag-engage sa discussion, debate, or argument with the online campaigners ng BDP (Binay, Duterte, Poe). Simply share this video in your timeline, page, and groups at least ONCE A DAY. If the BDPs comment in your timeline, page, or group, simply DELETE their comments. We are not after the aggressive BDPs. We are after the Facebookers na hindi engaged sa BDP aggressive political campaigning. Also, in your pages, may settings dyan on privacy, restrict nyo ang Malaysia. Okidoks!

While there is only ONE MINOR REASON why opposition voters will not vote for Miriam, there are, on the other hand, MANY MAJOR REASONS why they will not vote for Binay, Duterte, and Poe (BDP). The consolidation of One Opposition for Miriam Santiago will have least resistance, least bitterness, and least hesitation to those who have to give way, hence most rational.