Friday, May 10, 2013

Vote for New Names

IF and only IF you want CHANGE, then Vote only for the NEW NAMES in politics. The usual names means the tradition of corruption lives on from one generation to the next.

When you read the Ballot, vote only for the names you don't know. They say mas mabuti na yung kilala mo kesa yung hindi. Don't worry, they are all PRE-QUALIFIED and APPROVED by COMELEC. Yung kilala mo na, pa-ulit-ulit na pamilya na yan sa politika, sure yan 100% ganun din ang gagawin ng mga yan, ama man yan o anak -- corruption will stay forever in government system with those usual names. Mas merong chance ang reform and change with the new names. NEW NAMES ha, NEW NAMES in politics -- these are the ones you will vote for.

If we have no choice but to vote only the kin of the traditional politicians, it means this country's education system, religious houses, and society in general has never produced new names and new promising leaders who can possibly deliver reforms.